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Blogging and posting relevant content is an incredibly useful tool to increase traffic to your profile and your courses.

  • Drive traffic to your courses
  • Convert traffic into leads
  • Convert leads into new clients
  • Become an authority
  • Build your reputation
  • Build relationships with potential customers
  • Boost your social media efforts
  • Drive long-term results
  • Maintain your marketing strategy
  • Appear more trustworthy to your potential clients

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The Benefits of Blogging for Business and Marketing

As a small business entrepreneur and self marketer, you always need to be on top of trends and adjust to the ever-changing marketing landscape. One part of marketing that has been consistent over the last several years, but has changed quite a bit in strategy, is blogging.

Blogging is a critical element for any business. It doesn’t matter what kind of company you run, whether it is an online entrepreneurship or a local business, you should still have a blog.

You now have the opportunity to publish articles about yourself and your services to increase awareness of your business and offerings. A good marketing strategy for teachers and facilitators would be to start with a company profile and a personal biography post, and then submit a serious of articles on your subject matter. Potential students that are registered on our site will be notified via email when new articles are posted.

Please DO NOT copy and paste other peoples editorial, rather create your own unique original content. Google can and will detect if content has been copied from other sites and this will cause more harm than good.

Use the form below to upload your editorial with pictures and one of our moderators will approve and publish your articles in your own category on our site. 

Send me an email with “Category Choice” in the subject line and I will create a personal category for you or your company. admin@our-college.co.za

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